Our Nitro Button-up Shirts also come in Men’s and Women's Sizes.  Please Note these shirts fit smaller then normal due to the large Indian
Head Crest which is stitched on the back, this is optional. Order One size larger then you would normally wear. They also have our Logo stitched
on the front.  They are available in Sm - 2XL in women’s and Sm - 5XL in men’s sizes.

Our Hoodies come in both Children’s and Adult sizes. You have the option of having your name and car lettered on the sleeves.

Our Vortex Jackets have the logo on front, Large Indian head Crest on the back, and once again you have the option of stitching your name and
car on the sleeves.  These jackets are wind and water repellent, they are lined for warmth. Perfect for Spring, and Fall wear.

Our Vests come in sizes Sm - 3XL, these so fit large. It is advisable that you order one size smaller. They come with the logo on the front, you
also have the option of putting the Large Crest on back.

We carry both Plastic, and Stainless Steel Dash Plaques.

There are Lapel Pins available.

We strive hard to accommodate our members by adding items that are widely sought after.

Members are welcome to make suggestions, for new and different items. I then bring it up at our meetings, which are held on the last Monday of
each month.
Price Subject to Change  ORDER FORM and MAILING INSTRUCTIONS (pdf) posted July 2017
We carry a wide verity of merchandise. We place 3 orders during our show and shine

This year we have increased the items we carry, by adding the Fedora, and the Vest
to our line of merchandise.
There are 3 types of head wear.
Ball Caps in either black or white with the logo on front and and PONTIAC stitched
on the back.
Our Fedora is Black Material with the lettering AIIPC stitched on the right hand side
of the hat.
We also carry a Black visor with the lettering AIIPC stitched across the front band.
Our Golf shirts come in White or Black with the logo printed on front,
We have T-shirts in grey in both Ladies and Men’s sizes ranging from Sm - 3XL in
Women's, Sm - 4XL in Men’s.
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