The Alberta Iron Indians Pontiac Club is a registered entity under the Alberta Corporate Registries Act
Along with many other charities, the Edmonton Food Bank is one of our charities of choice.
In April of 2010 the Alberta Iron Indians Pontiac Club Calgary entered the Powerama Indoor Show in Edmonton. At this show we signed up 21
members to the club. At this point AIIPC Calgary decided to start AIIPC Edmonton. Dave Scragg was given the opportunity to become president
of AIIPC Edmonton by Warren Rogalsky and Bill Hunter.  They mentored me through the initial set-up and with my first Executive we succeeded

Jerry Stanic, Vice President who was on the first Executive has become a true friend and now a great PR man!  Jerry was my sounding board
and I am sure he questioned my capabilities at times.  Jerry has always done an exceptional job with photography for the club and suggested the
photo viewer for ABC Restaurant.  An all-around great person.

Liam Hicks, our Secretary is a super guy!  Liam independently devised a membership tracking list with confidentiality requirements.  We
continue to utilize this list today!  Liam has done an outstanding job and I have the utmost respect for the man.  Liam, wife Robin and their two
children organize and manage the children’s area at every car show AIIPC Edmonton has promoted!  My thanks.

Terry Beuerlein started as our sponsorship coordinator.  He managed to obtain the Ron Hodgson Pacemaker show for us to coordinate.  Many
other sponsors were also approached by Terry and they came on board as well.  Terry increased club finances from almost $0 to a workable
reserve of funds.  Through his appraisal business he also acquired members.  With all his hard work it eventually led to his Treasurer position
which he does a phenomenal job of maintaining!  I told Terry years ago that here was no damn way a bean counter was going to rule AIIPC and
Terry’s response was “those who have the gold rule”!!!  He might be partially correct!  Terry, thank you for your dedication to our club.  Your
participation in all you do is very beneficial and we all appreciate it.

Travis Lancing, our past Special Events Coordinator - with his committee that included Lorrie Baker and Ed Harrison our shows were a
consistent success!  It was a pleasure to work with them all.  Travis lives in Plamondan and during his term he would drive from there to attend
our meetings - now that's dedication!  Travis is a gem of a person.  Lorri and Ed helped Travis immensely and they are all a part of what made
this club what it is today!  Thank you team!

Cliff Riles, our current Special Events Coordinator along with his wife Carol have done very well in filling the shoes of Travis and his team! 
Thank you for doing a bang-up job coordinating our shows, including your representation at every show!  Cliff your dedication is amazing and your
continued communication with members is bar none!  Special Events is a huge portion that makes this club function as well as it does and it
cannot be done without a large commitment from the committee so thank you and great job Cliff!

Bill and Sybil Moffat work tirelessly to acquire new members for the club prior to an Executive.  Bill, Sybil, myself and my wife Susan put on
AIIPC’s first show in Spruce Grove which was a great success with 89 cars!  What a learning curve that was!  Great job folks and thank you Bill
and Sybil.

Martin Sharren, present Membership Coordinator.  Martin has taken this position and is doing an excellent job.  He also assumed the computer
related duties required.  Martin is very dedicated and we all appreciate that Martin!

Shawn Genge and John Dampf - sponsorship gurus!  What can I say?  These two have brought the club to a new level in many ways.  From
allowing the use of trailers to donating food which allows our club to contribute funds towards "Ariel’s Gymnastics" charity to just being a couple of
great guys!  Thanks fellas for all you do!

Shawn Genge is now the Vice President and possibly soon-to-be President of our club.  I know it will be good for the club to have someone
younger, with fresh ideas and a continued positive outlook! With our unlimited support and encouragement I know the club will continue to grow.

Doug Kandt, Apparel Coordinator. Doug, with assistance from his wife Sandy did an exceptional job in all aspects of apparel!  From specifically
designed order forms, to the ordering and distribution of clothing, etc.  The shirts we proudly wear today were picked by Doug and the colours
chosen by Cliff!  Doug and Sandy are very dedicated members who also share their home for our annual BBQ’s!  Thanks to both of you!

Garry Cooper, Jerry Stanic, Shawn Genge - thank you so much for assisting me in creating a world class newsletter!  The newsletter runs
monthly from June to October.  This is a huge undertaking that is distributed during the busiest time of the season.  The idea for a newsletter was
first inspired by Terry Beurlein to promote our sponsors!  I am very proud to have been a part of these newsletters!  Until you do these you do
not realize how much work it is chasing down stories from members, layout and the short time span between each newsletter to ensure the next
one is in print!  I would like to thank Gary Cooper for the editing and stories and Jerry Stanic for the photos!

At present Denise Briggs is creating the newsletters and the four released in this year look really great!  Keep up the good work!  I’m sure Lance
is keeping busy with this undertaking too!  Denise has Garry Cooper editing and Jerry Stanic for photography!

Over the past five years I have had the support from many volunteers.  Your dedication to the AIIPC Edmonton has not gone unnoticed.  I really
appreciate the countless hours that you have donated to our club and to the hobby.  We all have made special friendships with our common
interest and I’m sure they will be life long!  At first, it was all about the car - now it’s about the camaraderie among friends AND the car!

Thank you all for letting me steer this club in the right direction and the success it has become today!  Thank you to all the volunteers!

Dave Scragg AIIPC Edmonton President 2009 - 2014

Remember……….It’s All About Having Fun!
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